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Our Services

Bulk Hiring

We have a dedicated team of experienced “Bulk hiring experts” with strong networks. We ensure that your organisation is able to meet the hiring, staffing and business goals consistently. We understand what matters to our clients, act as an extension of their office and work closely to provide decisive and dedicated support.

Highlights :

  • Our streamlined process commences after gaining comprehensive understanding your needs 

  • Access to huge pan India database 

  • Comprehensive range of services from sourcing to full cycle recruitment

  • Comprehensive screening to ensure only best candidates reach you

  • Continuous Analysis and MIS Reports

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Train and Hire

WorkGeek TnH programs meet the objective of a readily billable resource by working closely with our clients and understanding their requirements. We completely understand every organization’s unique requirement of candidates, even for the same skill set


Highlights :

  • Deep focus on understanding client requirement

  • Identify candidates with right skill set and fitment

  • Technical and Life Skill trainings for comprehensive development

  • Multi stage assessments 

  • Detailed candidate reports provided to client

  • On boarding support

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Leadership Hiring

Give us a shoutout for those ‘Difficult to Hire’ or ‘Critical’ roles’.

We, bring in expertise, network and market research to our clients in identifying the High Potential (HiPo) executive candidates who can hit the ground running and add profit to the bottom line quickly.

We call this the “HiPo Hit List.”

Highlights :

  • Large Talent Pool Across India

  • Dedicated Expert for your accounts

  • Tap into top 1% candidates

  • Find leaders to give direction to your company

  • Ensure Timely availability of candidate

  • We understand your organisation to ensure cultural fit

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Corporate Training

Organizations need business training programs to help employees add to their skill set and expand their knowledge base. Our carefully curated training programs are designed to improve and broaden the skills and capacity of your workforce.

Highlights :

  • Maximise employee productivity through sales and service excellence programs, functional expertise programs and induction programs

  • Grow Leaders though Leadership Development and First Time Manager Programs

  • Create winning Teams through Outbound Trainings, Goal Alignment Programs and Culture change programs

  • Training Programs conducted by highly skilled, professional, and bilingual/bi-cultural trainers.

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